Point Wilson Lighthouse

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EXIF Information
Camera: NIKON D7000
Shutter speed: 1/400s
Aperture: ƒ/9
ISO: 100
Exposure Mode: Manual
Metering Mode: Multi-segment
Focal Length: 29mm
35mm Equivalent: 43mm
Flash fired: No
Filesize: 10.7 MB
Dimensions: 4928×3264, 16.1 MP
GPS: 48.144167,-122.753888
Near Port Townsend, Washington (48° 8.65′ 0″  N, 122° 45.2333′ 0″  W)
City: Port Townsend
State: Washington
Country: United States
Taken: Thu, Jul 25, 2013 17:13

I had a job interview with the Information Technology Department of the City of Port Townsend. The appointment was for 2:00pm at City Hall, but being that Port Towensend is across Puget Sound, getting there involved queuing up three hours prior to drive my truck onto a ferry. So I arrived at the Keystone Ferry Terminal at 11:30am, paid my $10.75 and waited for the boat. Ninety minutes later, we were steaming across Admiralty Inlet.

Of course, I had my camera and laptop hidden on the floor behind the passenger seat. After the interview (which I thought went pretty well), I fired up the GPS on my phone and headed over to the Port Townsend library to tap into their WiFi and write a thank you letter. Eighty cents later for print outs, I was able to drop the obligatory letter into a USPS mailbox, and made my way to Fort Worden State Park to photograph the Point Wilson Lighthouse.

It was a nice clear day, not a cloud in the sky, and about 80°F. When I got the the parking lot at the end of Harbor Defense Way, I switched into my hiking boots, strapped on the D7000, and headed over the the lighthouse. The path to the light is sandy and loose, so it’s a little slow going.

There are several buildings that make up the retired lighthouse complex, and along the way, I snapped a few shots… including one of a fearless seagull perched on an adjoining breakwater. At the lighthouse, I walked around and took several shots from several angles. I wish I could have ventured onto the beach and take some shots from perspectives not normally captured, but I was in “dress clothes” and Timberlands.

Suffering from asthma, or COPD, or whatever (evil lungs of death syndrome), I had to take a short break on a lovely park bench under the light. Once I got my breath back, I headed back to my truck. At the parking lot, I took a couple shots of the lighthouse through the tall grass along the edge. I opened the aperture and focused on the grass, forcing the lighthouse into the less-than-smooth bokeh of my Nikkor 24-85mm 3.5-4.5 lens. I liked result.

Leaving, I drove to a picnic area off Knapp Circle to get another vantage point. There were some wind-whipped pine trees that framed the lighthouse nicely, and I got several nice shots, including the one above where you can see Admiralty Inlet, Mount Baker, and the Point Wilson Lighthouse.

Before heading to the ferry terminal, I stopped for a liter of water. The wait for the boat back to Whidbey Island was a long one, and it was nearly 8:00pm before I got home.

I don't think there's any such thing as teaching people photography, other than influencing them a little. People have to be their own learners. They have to have a certain talent.
–Imogen Cunningham

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